Vybrance MedAesthetics

We are proud to offer an exclusive monthly membership that boasts huge savings to you.  You can now experience our services at Vybrance at the best possible pricing. ⁣⁠
How does it work? ⁣⁠
Contact us to start your membership. From there, you choose one of the listed services per month to enjoy. On top of those savings, you will receive best pricing on skincare & Botox/Dysport. All memberships will continue on a monthly basis until cancelled.


$199 Month

Choose One Monthly:



Chemical Peel

Laser Hair Removal - small area (face, armpit, bikini)

The Perks:


15% OFF Skincare products (Excluding Anfisa)


15% OFF any additional service (excluding vitamin shots and Botox/Dysport)

$11 Per Unit on Botox/Dysport

$99 IV Infusion Membership

Choose One Per Month:


Energy - Boost Metabolism, Feel More Energized

Immunity - Boost The Immune System

Quench - Detox, Reset and Restore Essential Vitamins

Brainstorm - Improve Brain Function, Increase Memory

Myer's Cocktail - Alleviate Stress. Reduce Pain, Hydrate and Balance